Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toothy Tuesday

Today's photo shoot was the silliest one yet! There were teeth on my
shirt, teeth on my paw-band and two little teeth on my one-eyed blue
buddy! And, all of these teeth were pointy! I finally tossed my head
down in exasperation and said, "sheesh mom - what were you

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Award!

This weekend, I was very much surprised by my friend, Pibble!
Pibble, from One Pibble's Wish, awarded me the Liebster Blog Award.
I was informed that, in German, this means Favorite Blog!
How cool is that!  Pibble - thank you so much for thinking of me!

Here are the rules of this award:

1.)  Thank the blogger who gave you the award.

2.)  Copy and paste the award to your blog.

3.)  Pass the award along to five bloggers
with fewer than 200 readers - tell them
by leaving comments on their blogs.
This is a difficult one, since there are so
many good blogs out there!
Well, here goes (in alphabetical order by
the first word in the blog's title):

1.)  Finn Howard - Finn is a beautiful
golden retriever in New York. I love
seeing what Finn is up to!

2.)  Tessa the Maltese - Tessa is a very
cute Maltese, who is always by the side
of her disabled Mom!  Tessa has a
soft spot in my heart, because she
was my very first dog blog friend!

Shawnee goes on some truly amazing hikes! I
love to see all of Shawnee's adventures!

4.)  Welcome to the Happy Haus - Katie and
Louie are two sweet Newfoundlands! In
November of 2011, Natalie (an adorable
human toddler from China) joined them.
Parents, Charity and Gary, round out this
happy family. It has been so heartwarming
to see little Natalie adjust to her 
"gentle giant" canine siblings!

5.)  Zapiski spod miski - This blog highlights
three adorable pugs and their Mom in Poland!
They have adorable expressions, and I love
seeing how much their Mom loves them!
It reminds me of how much my Mom loves me :)

So, I hope that these five bloggers will pass this
award along to five more up-and-coming bloggers!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Purple Pal

Today, I'm having a great time with my pal, Mr. Eggplant!